You have something to teach.
You have something to learn.

Learnapalooza-ATL is a festival for all ages featuring 25+ workshops, food trucks, and more! Join us September 9 in Chatt Hills, just 20 min south of the Airport.


Teach What You Know.



You have a passion for something: maybe it’s what you do at work, or maybe it’s a hobby. Or you’ve learned something the hard way and wished someone had taught you how.

Maybe you’re crafty and figured out how to solve an everyday problem with household items. Or you remember when someone taught you a valuable life skill and now you want to pass on your knowledge.

Here’s your chance to share what you know with people who want to learn.

Each workshop is 45 minutes and starts on the hour between 10 am and 4 pm on Sept 9. All the workshops are held on the Chatt Hills Charter School campus, a really cool elementary school with individual classroom buildings.  So you can teach inside the classroom, on the patio, or on the central greenway - your choice! 


You've Always Wanted to Know How...


And now there are people lining up to teach you! Isn't that cool?  Quick 45-minute sessions are fun and informal so you won't get brain overload. 

From dancing the Cha Cha to learning how to knit. Maybe you want to learn some basic Sign Language, or what about getting an intro lesson on rocket science? 

You can pre-register for workshops online to guarantee a spot, or decide what you want to check out the day of the event.   


What Is It?

It's kindof like a conference, except here the sessions are called workshops and they're fun.  Like an all-you-can-eat buffet of workshops!

There will be over 10 workshops going on during each 45-minute block, and 6 blocks during the day. So you can pick which workshops to attend based on what you want to learn! 

Fun Times!

Come on out and make a day of it- bring the whole crew!

Take a break in between workshops. There's so much to do! 

There will be food trucks, music and a Maker's Market for shopping, learning, eating, dancing, and lots of fun activities.

Who Is It For?

All ages are welcome to take workshops and teach workshops! The purpose of the event is to bring together all people of all ages so we can learn from one another.   

The Workshop Schedule tells if individual workshops have age restrictions, so please take note of that. 


When Is It?

Saturday, Sept 9,  10 - 4

Tickets on Sale now!


Where Is It?

Chattahoochee Hills Charter School

9670 Rivertown Road 

Chattahoochee Hills, GA 30213


How Much?

All Day Pass $10

includes unlimited workshops



About Learnapalooza

Learnapalooza started in Washington DC as a grass-roots effort to build community and have fun.  Then some cool people in Chicago liked the idea so much, they organized a huge event there.  And now the original founders of Learnapalooza want to bring it to Atlanta, y’all!

We believe that learning and teaching are fun, and that helping people gives meaning to our lives. There are lots of ways of leaving a legacy, and teaching is one of the best! Everyone has something to teach, and everyone has something to learn.  So come join us for a little learning, a little teaching, and a lot of fun!