About CHCS

All proceeds of LearnapaloozaATL benefit theChattahoochee Hills Charter School (CHCS). CHCS is a Fulton County Charter school that opened in 2014 and serves the South Fulton community with grades K-5. With over 300 students on the waiting list, CHCS is already providing high quality elementary education in South Fulton — and plans to add grades 6 through 8 over the coming 3 years. We believe the success of CHCS is based on three key elements: curricula, campus, and community.

Our Curricula

Based on the GDOE-approved Environment as Integrating Context (EIC), CHCS uses a hands-on approach that positions agriculture, the environment, and art as lenses through which the Georgia Performance Standards are achieved. Rather than learning in subject matter silos, students engage in cross-disciplinary projects where they teach themselves real-world problem-solving skills and cultivate an awareness and appreciation for the complexity of our natural and social environments. Research shows that students who learn this way experience better performance on standardized tests, fewer discipline problems, and an increased enthusiasm for learning.

Our Campus

Arriving on campus, visitors and students alike immediately recognize that something different and special is going on. The campus has been thoughtfully planned to be a Community Learning Village — a cluster of individual classroom buildings facing an outdoor greenway. Instead of fluorescent-lit hallways, our classrooms are connected by outdoor paths lined with trees and student-planted gardens.  The campus is designed to maximize student contact with their natural world while reducing the environmental impact of the buildings. Once planted, the entire landscape of the campus will be a series of “outdoor classrooms” including individual Classroom Gardens, a campus Farm, and a Bird Sanctuary. In these classrooms, students will examine natural systems, hypothesize and apply mathematical calculations, and even create artistic interpretations of their observations.

Our Community

CHCS was built from the ground up by a community of dedicated volunteers who believe that a good childhood education improves not only the lives of the individual, but the wellbeing of the whole community; and that each individual has a social responsibility to contribute back to their community. Every month, hundreds of hours are logged by our extended family of volunteers: from lunch room buddies, to grounds caretakers, to board members; each helping build this amazing school and community. We hope you will join us in building this community of learners — to benefit our local community and serve as a model for other rural communities around the country.