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Anxiety Busters! Mindfulness and Brain Science Combat Stress

Understanding our brains can make a huge difference! Kids love seeing the "brain" (cauliflower) and learning about the amygdala that helps us when in danger, but often is in ‘’overdrive’ even when there is no danger around. The concept of mindfulness (paying attention to the here and now and being nonjudgmental) will be introduced and practiced. Fun activities for the parents and kids to learn together so they can implement the strategies at home.

Ages: All Welcome     Materials: None Needed

About the Teacher, Sara Parker: Sara Parker teaches” “Mind Up” for ages 7-14 through Peachtree City Recreation and Fayette County Parks and Recreation. MindUp is an evidenced based, social and emotional program built upon neuroscience, positive psychology, mindful awareness training, and optimism. Sara is staring a “Mind Up” program for teens, and a DBT skills class for adults in the fall. She teaches acting and social skills for kids. Sara has written two book for kids to help them with friendship skills. Look for A.N.T. Annoying Nonsense Thoughts and P.E.S.T. Personal and Emotional Space and Taking Turns on Check out for more information.