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Build a Bullet-Proof WiFi Network

This class is for anyone who is frustrated by the Internet going out at home or in their small business. Maybe you want to share Internet access with guests or visitors but are too ashamed to tell them that your WiFi password is "SnoopyKisses." Or, maybe you just don't have WiFi coverage in your favorite corner.

Learn a little about how the Internet works, how to make your browsing safer, and how to do everything you can to keep your Internet running in top health. And chances are you'll end up saving money every month, too!

Ages: 18 + up     Materials: None needed

About the Teacher, Tim Cailloux: Tim Cailloux is the only one in his neighborhood who never has the Internet go down. Suck it, neighbors! He's built world-class networks for big cities and businesses, and he loves that so many home owners can build rock-solid networks at home. His dream is to see the world covered in Wi-Fi!

Later Event: August 1
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