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Using Bitnami to set up a Wordpress testing website

Wordpress is currently the defacto blogging and content management system for creative individuals that want a full featured website.

Most web hosting companies have the ability to install Wordpress but sometimes the configuration and ability to grow your website becomes limited quickly.

By using Bitnami and the free Amazon Web Services tier anyone can quickly and easily create and maintain a website for their own testing and site development.

We will demonstrate the following:
1) Setup a Gmail account or use your own
2) Setup an Amazon Web Services, free Tier account
3) Create a Bitnami Hosting account tied to the above email
4) Link Bitnami account to the free AWS account
5) Install Wordpress on Bitnami hosting
6) If time demonstrate some simple admin of the Wordpress site

Ages: 18 + up     Materials: Paper and pen for note-taking.

About the Teacher, Dan Horn: Dan Horn is an expert in growing businesses through technology, operations, and infrastructure efficiencies. Utilizing a strong capacity to lead proficiently under pressure, Dan has guided many organizations to high levels of success.

A few of the companies to whom he has demonstrated his capabilities include CNN, Headline News, MacroMedia, Nextel Communications, iXL, USWeb / MarchFIRST, Infocom, and Adventure International.

As the Director of Advanced Technology Dan lead the team that created the first corporate intranets for Turner Broadcasting and he also built and lead the team that developed the website, the worlds leading online news source.

Mr. Horn's diversified career has provided him a broad range of knowledge and expertise across numerous industries.

Over the years Dan has been "written up" in various publications including PCWeek Executive, MacWeek, MacWorld, WebWeek and The Wall Street Journal.

In the past he guided the integration, growth and technology development efforts for the Atlanta offices of iXL and MarchFIRST as the a Regional Chief Technology Officer.