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Quick Blast Workout!

I will discuss how I got involved in fitness to motivate the crowd. I will then demonstrate a fun moderate to high intensity workout that participants can do anywhere without equipment.

Ages: 12 + Up

Materials: I would say water, a towel, possibly a mat if they don't want to sit on the floor when we do ab exercises. But these are not necessary to do the workout.

About Your Teacher: Tiffiny Fambro, MPH is a figure level fitness competitor and group fitness instructor. She is the creator and owner of BodyWealth & WellBeing/; a website and business where she works with clients, who want to start a healthier lifestyle through healthy eating and workout regimens. In her daily professional life she has an educational background in public health and works for an international consulting firm to research, implement, and evaluate disease prevention and public health projects. Her mission in life is to help motivate and encourage others to live a long healthy and active life. She will be teaching a 30 minute total body, moderate to high intensity workout. Get ready for a plateau proof, high energy, effective work-out that will keep your body guessing while providing you with loads of fun.