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How To Love Being On Stage

No level of expertise is necessary. You will learn that we are all more simply human than otherwise. It is possible that you will uncover a yearning, such as you many times have experienced as an "I wish I could do that!," as you have been thrilled by a singer, an actor, or other performer.

We will sit face to face and share something about who we are and what we hope will happen.  Great things happen when we walk out onto the stage: whether singing, reciting, or playing an instrument. Learn to enjoy what happens when we put our minds together- you may learn something fantastic about yourself!

Much about who I am and my ideas and attitudes about many aspects of my pertinent philosophy in my blogs at:

Ages: 18+ Up     Materials: none

I am a retired physician who has done both family practice for 5 years including delivering babies, anesthesia, and house calls.  Practiced individual, family and group psychiatry for 45 years, and taught group dynamics and leadership for 19 years at Emory University.

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