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R.E.A.C.T Agility and Fitness

Would you like to test your level of fitness and agility? Come have a good time and exercise through R.A.C.E ( Running, Agility, Coordination,Exercise). You will be able to experience sports movements, engage in fun sports games to make fitness fun along with the opportunity to test your speed and agility. This class is designed to instruct and assist with sports agility and running techniques along with exercising to promote good health!

Ages: 5 years and older and fewer then 10 students

Materials: Students should bring water and a towel

As a former Division 1 athlete and undergraduate track and field coach. I have obtained the experience and dynamics to promote speed and agility to create faster, agile and overall better athletes through a combination of speed-agility, sports specific movement training. I look forward to meeting everyone and having an awesome time!